Biltwell Sanderson Rasten EDELSTAHL schwarz, Fussrasten, Harley

Biltwell Sanderson Rasten EDELSTAHL schwarz, Fussrasten, Harley

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Sanderson Rasten von Biltwell schwarz

Klassische Ausführung in sehr robuster Bauweise mit ’Male’ Aufnahme. Vielfach einstellbar für perfekten Sitz, in polierter oder schwarzer Version.

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Sanderson Pegs by Biltwell, black

Sanderson pegs, black, Finally classic styling for later model bikes! Bulletproof, investment cast stainless steel construction. The male mounting portion is 4130 Chromoly for unbeatable strength. Infinitely adjustable so you can rotate the peg body into any position and then lock it down. This feature comes in handy if you have forward controls, like to tilt your pegs back a little bit or otherwise adjust your ergonomics. They are available in either a polished or black ED finish and sold in pairs.



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