Motogadget msp Breakout Box J1850

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Motogadget msp Breakout Box J1850


The Breakout Box J1850 is an digital adapter module for the hassle-free connection of the motoscope pro in combination with several Harley Davidsons.
No soldering or crimping necessary, so the warranty remains intact.


It fits all H-D with the SAE J1850 digital bus system like TwinCam engine from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH  plug connectors and the dashboard on the fuel tank (TwinCam). It also fits all H-D Sportster models from 2004 on that have DEUTSCH (XL DEUTSCH) or MOLEX (XL MOLEX) plug connectors. Furthermore it can be used for all H-D Vrod motorcycles that have DEUTSCH (VRSC) plug connectors.


Important:NOT compatible with any models that use H-D LAN, e.g. Softtail from 2011 and later, Dynas 2012 and later and all Rocker and Dyna-models, that have instruments on the fork bridge.

Parts delivered: Breakout Box J1850 adapter with specific plug connector, 32 connection terminals, 2 x M3 mounting screws, 32 cable end sleeves, plastic sheet for fixing and anchoring the cables, 2 cable ties.


Length, Height, Depth without plug connectors: 42 mm/ 42 mm/ 26,5 mm
Weight including plug connectors and Cables: approx. 80 g
Plug connectors: model specific, see drop down field and pictures
Fastening with two mounting screws M3


- Speed

- controls indicator lamp for MIL (check engine warning)
- controls indicator lamp for turn signals
- controls indicator lamp for high beam
- controls indicator lamp for oil pressure
- controls indicator lamp for fuel reserve

Not available:

- indicator lamp for ABS (if existing)
- indicator lamp for 6. gear (if existing)
- indicator lamp for battery charge indicator (if existing)
- indicator lamp for alarm (if existing)
- fuel gauge (if existing)

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